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Hello there guys! This will serve as my fanfiction list!

Thank you ellaine_mae unni for inspiring me to make one! >.<

All of these fics are YOOSU pairing (my OTP)! Most of these are in angst genre, but there are some fluff materials.

Please feel free to read and comment!

Any act of violating IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) shall be subjected to law! >.<

Anyways, I always believe honesty is the best policy!

Plagiarism is bad and not healthy for anyone!

Note: All of these are fictional stories. Any characters and events are purely just made up. If by chance there seems to be similar characters or events, its only accidental and not intentional. Contents are tribute to DBSK pairing/s (especially Yoosu).

This post is published as of July 25, 2009. This is the exact date of when I first met TVXQ and fell in love with KIM JUNSU! >.<

A post to remind me of my 2nd year craziness of the only boy band I have ever admired and worshipped!

Long live TVXQ!

I love and support you guys in my own unique and insane way! >.<




My Piggy Su!

Junsu the Red Nose Reindeer

Christmas Eve


Junsu are you gay?

Just Us (behind the scene)

One shot Sequels:

Batch 1: Complete

Night of Madness!

A Single Taste of Heaven

Bittersweet Taste of Love

Quintessence of You and Me

Batch 2:

the waltz: moon river

the waltz: moon river II

the tango: beating of the heart (the beginning)

Memories-complete-> mini-series

part 1
part 2
part 3

BOOK 1: Love in Denial

Crazy Love

chapter 4
chapter 5a
chapter 5b

chapter 7a
chapter7b part1
chapter7b part2

Love Bye Love


My Oozingly Hot Physical Therapist

chapter 1
chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4

A Journey Called Life

chapter 1
chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4
chapter 5
chapter 6
chapter 7
chapter 8
chapter 9
chapter 10
chapter 11
chapter 12
chapter 13
chapter 14
chapter 15

plot bunny: Devil of My Heart

Aug. 7th, 2014

Title: Just Us (behind the scene)
Author: Jelleus
Pairing: OT5
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Summary: And here they go again...
A/N: Unbeta-ed, sorry for my grammar inconsistencies.-.-

Before releasing JYJ’s Just Us album…

It’s already midnight and they still haven’t agreed on JYJ’s new album name… T________T

JS: “Hyung, it should be JUST 5!!!” :D
YC: “No Junsu that would be outrageous… No offense meant to Yunho hyung and Changminnie, but that would raise brows of “You know who”! Aish! Jaejoong hyung, help me knock some sense to this duck butt!!!!” DX
JJ: “ Yah, Yoochunnie, I like dolgorae’s idea. “Just 5” makes me feel that we are not apart. For once, I’d like to see Voldemort get worked up with the idea of us together, though not physically… >.<
YC: “But Hyung!!!” >:
JJ and JS: “Just 5! Just 5! Just 5~!” #fanchant ( o) ┛♪┗ (o ) ┓♪

Yoochun feeling helpless turned to Manager hyungnim – who as they speak, was raking his head silently...

YC: “Manager hyungnim, heeeeellllllllpppppp!!!!!!!!”
M: *fixing his hair* then *coughs* “Jaejoong-shii, Junsu-shii, I think we’re all tired. Why don’t we call it a night and think it over again tom-o—?” (^_^”)
JJ and JS: “NOOOOooooo”  ò_ó
M: “O-okay…” *clears his throat*
YC: “Guys, please… I’m tired, let’s do this seriously…” =_=
JS: “Chunnie-ah, if you don’t like it, then what do you have in mind?” :o
YC: “ Aww Su, don’t pout— No-no I’m not looking at you right now! Jae-hyung, why not JUST JYJYC?” :3

0.o àManager-shii
-_- … JJ
:\ à JS

JS: “Yah! You don’t like Just 5 but you gave out all our initials with JUST JYJYC. NO!” (.)
JJ: “Hmmm… How about, JUST ALL?” *smug look* ^o^

Manager: *fixed his glasses* “That sounds….. BAD!” (¬_¬)

JS: “OHMAYGAWDSUN!!! Can we have it as… JUST WE?” (^^ )
*eu kyang kyang*
JJ: “Silly~! You need to practice more with your “ENGRISH”!!!”  ( Γ˚Д˚)Γ
YC: “Yah! JUST WE?!!, Su-yah it sounded worst than JUST ALL. You’re all giving me a headache DX The correct grammar should be JUST US~!”

JJ: “ JUST US…” v_v
YC: “JUST US!!!” ^_______^


(▽ ̄\( ̄▽ ̄)/ ̄▽)

M: “I believe we’re already done now. Go HOME…” and whispered,,, “before you change your minds” ()

FIN <3 :*


A Journey Called Life Chapter 15


Title: A Journey Called Life

Pairing: Junsu-centric, Yoosu

Genre: Angst

Length: series of prompts

Rating: PG 13

Warning(s): boy x boy love

Summary: A dream, A chance, A love

A/N: It’s been a while, a very good thing happened today and I found myself
writing again. ^_^




chapter 1

chapter 2

chapter 3

chapter 4

chapter 5

chapter 6

chapter 7

chapter 8

chapter 9

chapter 10

chapter 11

chapter 12

chapter 13

chapter 14



Dr. Park is very flirty today.

He always uses his greasy voice on me.

He always calls me baby.

But I hate myself for enjoying this much attention his
giving me.

For how long will he stay this way?

Always so sweet on me…

Sickeningly sweet.


“What’s up?” I asked during one of our check up.

“I should be the one asking you that baby. What’s up?”

“Stop calling me baby!”

“You don’t want baby? Then how about jagiya? Jagiya it is!”

“And don’t use you’re sickeningly sweet voice on me. In
short, stop flirting with me!”


“I’ve had enough of your games so please stop playing
with my heart.”

“But I’m not—”

“Then what are you doing? What do you want me to think of
you? After being away for a month, you came back and acted all so sweet on me.
How do you expect me to act on you? Sickeningly sweet too! Just stop it. It’s
not even funny.”

After that, Junsu made his way to the door.


“I love you…” Yoochun whispered.

“I love you that I felt afraid for this strong feeling
overwhelming me. With just a thought that I’m breathing the same air with you
feels like a taste of heaven that silently grow as an addiction inside of me.
You’re the only one who made me feel so insecure about myself, the only one who
makes me feel stupid and act like moron. Can’t you see? I’m trying to woo the
very first man that caught my heart. Thought it looks so foolish, but please
bear in mind that it took a lot of effort in me to try and court someone like
Kim Junsu.”

And before I knew it, arms snaked on my waist as I felt
his head lay down on top of my head.

“This very Kim Junsu who’s my first patient in this
country. His smile that brought tons of sunshine in this room. The very reason
I left Korea so suddenly to study furthermore about his case. The one I’m eager
to get cured and when that happens, offer my services to him to be his 24/7
doctor forever and ever and ever. What have you done to me Kim Junsu? Making me
so sappy and a crybaby doctor…”



Title: The Tango: Beating of the Heart- ‘Curtain Call’ (And it ends here…)

Author: Jelleus

Pairing: Yoosu

Rating: PG 13

Genre: Angst

Length: One shot

Summary: In this alternate universe, just imagine Yoosu in their senior year in college.
A/N: Took this so long… Wah! Dedicated to yslover!


As the music goes on,

Relationships are torn,

Secrets are born,

While they all mourn


Like life it has to end,

This story cannot be mend,

Faith knows no friend,

That it left them to bend


 With this, actors continue to play,

To struggle to end it their way,

Doing all their might or else they’ll pay,

Before curtain call, they must sway




“Su which one is better?”


“Junsu what do you think of this?”


“Su-ah, is this prettier than the other one?”


“Su-ie, which one do you like?”


“Kim Junsu, do you think this is okay?”





I simply hate him…


-Park Yoochun






“I think the other one looks better than the one you’re holding.”


I hissed in annoyance. Closing my eyes to prevent myself from glaring at him, I huffed and said,


“Jung Yunho-shii I’m not asking for your opinion, would you kindly sh—”


“Yoochun, I think hyung is right. You look more stunning in a black suit than that white one.”


I rolled my eyes for the nth time that day before turning my back on the both of them.


What’s up with Junsu?! Why does he always side with that Jung Yunho bastard?!


I’m really getting annoyed by the fact that he came with his ‘hyung’. It’s supposed to be him and Junsu only!


But then, my friend told me that it’s better to have a third opinion in choosing my ‘engagement’ suit and so, I let that one slide.  After that, we began to look for several suits. It was fine at first, that Yunho guy sure has a fashion taste, giving opinions one at a time. I appreciate it, considering what he says. But as time goes by, I got irritated every time I asked for Junsu’s opinion and here he is, answering every single thing with Junsu backing him up.


Why? What’s wrong with him?!


There’s nothing wrong, it’s just annoying the hell out of him that there’s this guy who just shows up and acts as if he knows it all. HMPH! He also makes himself close to everyone especially to Junsu!


Chatting with each other!

Smiling to each other!

Laughing with each other!


Argh! I feel so left out!


Hello can’t they see that I’m here in front of them?! Gah!


Striding towards the cubicle to fit the tux the Almighty Yunho highly appraised, I grunt in annoyance as I glanced over those two old ‘friends’.


So much for catching up that they didn’t spare anytime for something more important!


Gah! I’ll make sure that that bastard will not come with us again!

Definitely his existence is SO not welcomed!





Su look over here!

Look at me and tell me I’m more important than him!




In the car…





“That was a tiring but fun day! What do you think Yoochun-ah?”

Oblivious to his best friend’s sulking, Junsu fiddled with Chun’s long and wavy hair.


“Stop that Su. I’m not in the mood.”


“Ooohh! Someone’s really pissed off.” Yunho blurted out.


“Wah! Why is that?!” asked by a clueless Junsu.


“Just shut up. I’m tired okay!” Yoochun bursted out.


Shocked, Junsu fell silent while Yunho hid his smirk.


“Oh! The GROOM-to-be is exhausted. We understand that, right Su?” the eldest guy calmly said.


Kind of getting awkward, Junsu only nod in agreement and for that Yoochun get more annoyed.



After that, the three rode in silence. Not until Jung Yunho spoke again.


“Ajushii! Please pull over there! This will be OUR stop for today.”


Yoochun’s brows knitted instantly as soon as he heard ‘our’.


“What do you mean OUR?”


“Ah— Yoochun, hyung said that he wants to look over new places. You know, he’s been gone from Korea for a long time.”


“Is that so? Well, I want to joi—”


“I thought our GROOM is tired now. I think Yoochun-shii, you better rest for now. You have an engagement party days from now, you better keep your energy for other necessary things.” Yunho nonchalantly muttered.


“I— Su—”


“I think Junsu thinks that way too. Right Suie?”


And before Yoochun knows it, he saw his best friend nod for the nth time of this day. That made him really angry.


“Whatever!” he uttered.


For that, Yunho ushered Junsu out of the car. Closing the door, the eldest looked at Yoochun and waved goodbye.


Pushing Junsu lightly away from the vehicle, his hands found its way on the younger lad’s waist.


Looking back, he stared intently on the side mirror, his smirk evident from his face. And when he knows that that person is gazing over them, he tugged the younger man closer to him and continued walking.





Just what sick game are you playing bastard?!





I could feel my anger rose up! What the hell!


Is this Jung Yunho claiming Junsu?!

Just who is he?

What the hell did he want from Junsu?

What is his motive?

Is he some sick pervert trying to get into Junsu’s pants?!


Woah! Wait a minute! Where did that came from?




Maybe he’s just an old friend really catching up for their lost time…

But why do I feel that he’s taking Junsu away from me!




Junsu is mine!

Junsu is is is… argh! After leaving him, he comes back and suddenly takes away my friend!

No I won’t let that happen!


I’m gonna fight him! I’m gonna smash him!

I’m gonna show him that Junsu has his new friends and he doesn’t need an old ‘selfish’ friend!


Right! I’m gonna take back what’s mine!


With that, I finally said,


“Ajushii turn back the car NOW!”





Friends don’t kiss, right?





“Junsu-yah! Where are you now?” I hissed in annoyance.


After an hour of looking for them, wandering around the city walking, how couldn’t I find those two?! Just where the hell they’ve gone to!


“We are at the Wild Soul Club! Hyung likes to dance!” Junsu shouted over the phone.


Shit! I’m gonna kill Jung Yunho for bringing over Junsu to that hole of a maniac place! Those people over there are a bunch of horny homosexuals and lousy drunkards!


What if something bad happened to Junsu?!

What if Jung Yunho is very intoxicated that he’ll start touching his best friend in very inappropriate places?!

Or worst! What if some horny stranger drugged Junsu’s drink and have his way in him?!


But what I’m really sure is that I’m gonna murder this ASIA’S RISING GOD if anything terrible happens!

I don’t care if the whole Asia became suddenly atheist because they have lost their GOD! But what I do care is that if I lost the purest and sincerest angel in heaven! I swear, with the power of my parents, I’m gonna make the whole world crumble!


“Yah! Junsu! Don’t go anywhere until I come over! Okay?!”


“Chun-ah! Sorry I can’t hear you! It’s really going wild in here! I’m gonna hang up okay! Bye!”


“No Junsu wait—!”





And then, I run as fast as I can. Never mind if I have asthma or if after this I’ll go straight to the hospital! No I never care about those things!


Before I know it, I’m in front of the club, a bouncer blocking my way.


“Sir, you have to fall in line.”


An angry huff and voila!


Pointing at the bouncer,

“I’m Park Yoochun so let me IN!”


A short guy approached me after that, mouthing a thousand of sorry and excuses and other offers to amend for their mistake. But I just brushed him off because I am busy searching for my best friend.


Definitely the place is going wild!  Some party people are taking off their clothes! Some dance like their dry humping each other! And others don’t care even if they are being watched while their busy shoving fingers to each other’s asses!


Fuck shit!

Where’s Kim Junsu anyways?!


Walking around, I glanced on the other side of the bar.


People start to gather there. Curiosity winning over, he stride towards to that part of club.


Making his way, Yoochun noticed that there’s an on-going fight! Looking keener, he noticed that it’s that bastard Jung Yunho!


Moments later, a punch landed straight to the artist’s left jaw making Yunho staggered back! Serves him right!

But to his disappointment, just as another punch will be blown to Yunho, Junsu chose to defend him.

Argh! Kim Junsu is just plain stupid! He doesn’t know how to fight! Heck! He is not even involved in any fights!


I have to do something!


I have to—


What the—?!


Are my eyes seeing an illusion?

Is this a dream?

Or a nightmare perhaps?


Is this real?

Am I seeing Junsu being pulled closer by the guy who had punched Yunho?!

Did that guy really hug my best friend as he forcefully made Junsu to faced him up?!

A-are they— wh-what?!  Like k-kissing-g?!


My mouth fell open as I saw Junsu closed his eyes…

I felt my lips dry…

My knees felt weak…

And my eyes, it felt stingy…


I see Junsu once again opened his eyes… He looked straight to mine as he pushed away the man kissing him.


He continued staring that that very man look back as to whom Junsu is staring of…

And I wish that guy never look back!


I wish I never see him!

Never glanced at him!






never recognized him!









Kim Jaejoong!

What did you just do?!






I felt betrayed… But I don’t understand…

Aren’t they my friends?!






The song knows no infinity

A sinful flirtatious rhythm

It made everyone go crazy

And now it has come to its end


Goodbye luscious tango

Its refreshing twist

A true sinful delight

A memorable yet insanely turns of events


Even in the end, it will not end

These people entangled in your pulsating beat

They can’t seem to escape

Oh lady of faith, what did they do for you to leave them in vain?




A/N: woah! It’s been so long! And this one is been inspired by a faithful reader! ^_^ you know who you are! I’m sorry if it did come late. I know I’ve promised you but still even if it took long I did not break it. Phew!


Hope you’ll be enjoying this though I’m not really confident about this.


I’m sorry I’ve lost my muse in this fic. But I’m really trying.


I’m also sorry for my inconsistencies with this fic. It’s really been so long and even if its embarrassing to say, I’ve forgotten all about this… >.<


But I hope that soon I’ll be able to end these oneshot series successfully!


Guys cheer me up pls! ^_________________^
















A Journey Called Life



“How can you be so sure that Jaejoong-shii is also in love with Yunho-shii?” Eunhyuk asked one time.

“Simply, when we ate there, Jaejoong always look on Yunho every 5 seconds. But my doctor being a very dorky as he is just keeps a very straight face and never lay eyes on Jaejoong!” Junsu explained.

“Hmmm, when did I get dorky?” asked by a new comer.


“E-excuse… Dr. Park?!”

“My Junsu you look good!”

After that, Yoochun hugged the smaller man tightly.

“I missed you.” The doctor added.


“I think I better leave. I gotta see Donghae.” Eunhyuk muttered.

The police walked away leaving Junsu and Yoochun in the middle of the hallway.


“Much better.” I heard Yoochun said.

“Yah! Why are you so mean to my friend?!”

“Getting mad is not good for your heart.”

Then Yoochun laid his arms on Junsu’s shoulder.

“Come I need to check up on you.”

“But you’re not my doctor anymore. Yunho is my doctor now.”

“No, no, no baby. I am still your doctor. Yunho-ah is my replacement while I’m away. That means he’s temporary, but me? I’m permanently yours.”


A Journey Called Life

Title: A Journey Called Life
Pairing: Junsu-centric, Yoosu
Genre: Angst
Length: series of prompts
Rating: PG 13
Warning(s): boy x boy love
Summary: A dream, A chance, A love
A/N: It’s been a while, a very good thing happened today and I found myself writing again. ^_^



The nurses said that Dr. Park took a leave.

As to when he’ll come back, indefinite.

For the mean time, they transferred me to the care of Dr. Jung Yunho.


Dr. Jung or as he insists Yunho is a very strict doctor.

It felt as if I’m his only patient because of his devotion in taking care of me.

He shows up in my house, fetch me for a little walking.

Then we’ll eat lunch together just to make sure that I’m eating good foods.

At dinner, he made a list of foods that is appropriate for my diet so that even when he’s not around,

He’s sure that I eat healthy.


During our lunch, we always talk about things.

And I could say that we have a lot in common.

We love dancing,

We love sports,

And surprisingly, he also loves singing.


I learned that he already have someone in his heart.

He is indeed in love on a waiter of a famous restaurant.

Once we tried eating there, I ended up making the order for the both of us.

Funny, but a tongue-tied Yunho is really astonishing.


Before we go home, I already got Kim Jajeoong’s number in my hands.


I never doubt those two.

I just knew they were meant to be.


A Journey Called Life

Title: A Journey Called Life
Pairing: Junsu-centric, Yoosu
Genre: Angst
Length: series of prompts
Rating: PG 13
Warning(s): boy x boy love
Summary: A dream, A chance, A love
A/N: It’s been a while, a very good thing happened today and I found myself writing again. ^_^


“I thought you’re good at following doctor’s order.”
“I’m following what you said.”
“But I just saw you with him!”
“But he’s not the reason for my deterioration!”
“Then who?!”
“I thought I’ve made myself clear at the hospital!”
“What do you mean?!”
“Don’t you get it?!”
“No I don’t!”
“It’s you!”
“It’s me! W-what?!”
“Yes it’s you. So would you be kind to stay away from me from now on!”

Walking away, I heard him asked for one last time.
“How can it be me when all I did is take care of your heart?”

“Well you failed.”

A Journey Called Life

Title: A Journey Called Life
Pairing: Junsu-centric, Yoosu
Genre: Angst
Length: series of prompts
Rating: PG 13
Warning(s): boy x boy love
Summary: A dream, A chance, A love
A/N: It’s been a while, a very good thing happened today and I found myself writing again. ^_^


I met up with Eunhyuk afterwards…
I feel so mad.
So sad…
I feel a bit guilty too.

After I called appa and umma saying I’ll be hanging out at Eunhyuk’s tonight,
I decided to spend the night in a club with my goofy friend.

We catch up on things.
Dance a little,
Drank beer…

And at that time, it just felt right to tell Eunhyuk about Park Yoochun.
At first, I thought he would feel disgusted at me for being gay.
But I thought wrong.
Instead, he hugged me and told me that it’s okay and nothing’s wrong with what I’m feeling.

I was a bit surprised for the sudden acceptance.
But what stunned me more is the fact that Eunhyuk also has feelings for a guy.
A guy named Donghae.
I’ve learned that Donghae is a nurse working at the same hospital as Yoochun.
So that’s why I saw Eunhyuk at a children’s ward.

After our great chit chat, we decided to dance again!
It’s the last song for the night, and everyone’s getting wild.
We were both enjoying ourselves when I felt the need to pee.
Excusing myself, I made my way to the rest room.

What I didn’t expect is an additional surprise.
After peeing, I felt myself being grabbed outside the bar.
I panicked that I started hitting that very person.
And when I catch a glimpse of him, I felt speechless.

Dr. Park Yoochun minus the white gown…
Messy hair and semi-unbuttoned polo shirt.
But what the heck?!
Why is he staring angrily at me?!

A Journey Called Life

Title: A Journey Called Life
Pairing: Junsu-centric, Yoosu
Genre: Angst
Length: series of prompts

Rating: PG 13
Warning(s): boy x boy love
Summary: A dream, A chance, A love



Dr. Park is all grumpy today.

He’s wide forehead constantly has creases every time he’s looking at me.

I thought, what a waste, it made him look older.


And so when he checked for my heart beat, I could not help but raise my left hand to flatten the wrinkles on his forehead.

I saw him looked up at me while me being the shy patient around him, looked around as I said,

“You look uglier with those.”


I saw him let go of his stethoscope as he walked and sat on a nearby chair.

“So, who is he?”


“Your friend earlier”


“What is he to you?”

“Excuse me?”

“If he’s the cause to your rapid deterioration, then I shall advise you to not see him anymore.”


“That’s a doctor’s order.”


After a while, I gather up my things.

Without a word I walked to the door.

But on my way out I turned to him and said,

“I guess, this will be our last meeting.”

“W-what do you mean?” I heard him asked.

“Following doctor’s order”


With that, I fully slammed the door.


A Journey Called Life

Title: A Journey Called Life
Pairing: Junsu-centric, Yoosu
Genre: Angst
Length: series of prompts

Rating: PG 13
Warning(s): boy x boy love
Summary: A dream, A chance, A love



Dr. Park Yoochun is weird.

Or maybe I’m the one who’s weird.


With only a sight of him, I feel my heart skip.

When he touches me, I feel my knees trembling.

When he talks to me, I always ended up staring on his lips.


I feel a bit embarrassed every time I blushed whenever he gets too close to me.


Never did I imagine that I’ll be turning gay.

A fact that I promise to not tell a soul about it.


Sometimes when I see him flirt with the other nurses I felt pain in my chest.

And I really couldn’t figured it if it literally or figuratively aches.


And because of this, as my cardiologist, he began to worry of my rapid heart deterioration.

Appa and eomma, as what I call Mr. and Mrs. Kwon now, also began asking me if I have problems.

I just told them that I miss home and from there, they will just fell silent.


I know they will not let me go home.

Sure they are scared that I might not come back to them again.

But maybe, I will also find it hard to get back.


One time, I visited the hospital alone.

I have an appointment with Dr. Park and I was a bit early for the appointment.

I decided then to look around.


I never thought of seeing Eunhyuk in a children’s ward.

It’s been a long time since we last saw each other.

I hugged him tightly and felt that he also did the same too.


I was about to invite him to a cafeteria when I saw Dr. Park walking towards us.

Without even a proper greeting, Park-shii laid his arms on my shoulder and told me that it’s time for my appointment.


Before I could even react, he led me away from Eunhyuk.

Turning back, I just gave a sign to my friend that I’ll give him a call afterwards.